White Cliffs Genealogy 

At White Cliffs Genealogy (WCG) we work primarily on the Treasury Solicitor’s list of unclaimed estates list, which contains approximately 8,000 estates dating back 30 years. 
Through the process of applied genealogical research and people tracing, WCG specialise in uniting family members with these advertised estates and distribute them according to the Rules of Intestacy of England and Wales. 

Why did we contact you? 

We believe that you, or a family member, may be entitled to a share of an estate that we are currently researching.  
As a significant period of time may have been spent documenting your family tree, we will only approach you if we infer that you have an interest. 

It’s a family affair 

Whilst you may be initially contacted by a representative of WCG, your main point of contact will either be Jonathan or Katie. With 16 years of experience in the industry, Jon and Katie are well placed to discuss your family tree and liaise with the Treasury Solicitor on your behalf. 


Contact 01304 371 000 


Contact 01304 371 000 
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